Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quick Update

The home inspection last week went great and we only have to complete one very small repair. The buyer removed her contingencies today and we're signing the lease on our new rental house this afternoon! We're set to close escrow next Wednesday and are going to start moving boxes to our new house with every trip we make into town (and we make a lot of trips!). We'll move all of our furniture and actually start living there over the weekend.

Both girls have the crappy cold virus that's going around. Bella's whole class sounds like a symphony of long time smokers. One kid hacks and the rest all bark back. Tatey woke up at 4:00 this morning with a fever so she's home from preschool today, spending the morning watching tv in our bed.

I had a molar removed last Thursday and it's still really bothering me. Much more painful recovery than I expected and the whole eating on one side and funky taste in my mouth is getting old very quickly. Apparently 31 is too old to bounce back from these minor medical things:)

Hoping to posst pictures of our new house later tonight or tomorrow!

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