Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Construction Update

If you didn't already know, construction to repair the damage done by the tree finally started last week...over three months after the tree fell through the house! I was really anxious about having people working in the house with the girls and I home (I've watched too many crime shows on A&E) but so far so good. Not only have the guys shown up promptly at 8:00 every morning, they've been really nice to the girls and I and respectful of the fact that we're home while all this is going on. Right now we have a father-son team working on the house and the son has two boys about the same age as the girls. Yesterday I caught his dad ruffling Matea's hair after she said "hi" to him, just like a grandpa would do. Kind of a sweet moment in the midst of all the chaos.

They started work last Wednesday and have ripped off the old roof, replaced the trusses, and replaced all of the damaged drywall. They're putting the new roof on today and tomorrow and we're just waiting for the inspector to show up and sign off on the drywall so mudding, texture, and paint can start. So far, we've been living at home. Steve and I are sleeping in the playroom, the contents of our closet are piled right inside the front door, and everything in our bedroom is pushed to one side with a huge, zippered plastic barrier. Today's goal is to get a straight answer about when the mudding, etc. can start so I can line up a hotel room for a few days.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One good ear...

out of four isn't bad, right? See if you can keep up. Bella was on antibiotics in February for bronchitis. She had about two cough-free weeks and then has returned to hacking for the last few weeks. Matea just finished antibiotics for a respiratory infection on Saturday but has had a fever off and on since Monday. Took them to the doctor today and Bella has a double ear infection and Matea has an infection in one ear. Dr. Hoffman gave them the big daddy of antibiotics, hoping it'll clear up their ears and the respiratory crap for awhile.

Matea's super fussy and clingy and not napping. Bella's in naughty time in her room right now, otherwise I'd take a picture of her crabby face too.