Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We accepted an offer on our house yesterday with a 3 week escrow but we're shooting for closing in two weeks (it's an all cash buyer). As excited as we are to be moving on, finding a new place on such a short deadline has been stressful. Even more stressful is the fact that the buyer just backed out of another escrow last week and I believe she also backed out of one a few months ago. She asked for the short escrow and has to be out of her current rental very quickly so we're hoping that will motivate her to go through with the transaction.

The only contingency is the home inspection which is happening tomorrow. We're feeling pretty confident that our house has been well maintained so any issues should be minor but we won't know until Monday whether the contingency has been dropped. So, we've been busy trying to find a rental that meets all of our needs, is in our price range, and will work with our time line. Lucky for us, we found it today! It's an older, totally funky house. Ever heard of a sunken/step down livingroom? Well, this one has a step down shower and laundry! Totally weird but quirky in a fun way. Two bedrooms, small retro kitchen, bonus play/sewing room, ginormous two car garage, cute little back patio and a huge fenced yard and, it's only a block away from preschool. And I haven't even gotten to the best part...the rent is $250 lower than our budget! Steve will be able to bike to work a few days so we're looking at saving a total of about $500/month. Not too shabby!

The rental house is managed by one of Steve's customers who was more than nice about working with our timeline. As long as we get the rental approval, he's willing to hold the house for us until Monday and not require a deposit until all contingencies on our house sale have been removed. After working with total ass holes at a property management company yesterday, it was nice to meet someone today who was understanding of our situation and willing to work with us. So, if all goes well, hopefully we'll be moving the weekend of October 10th. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's going on here?

I'm cleaning the kitchen and turn around to see Matea in the hallway, pants down, shaking her naked hiney at Bella and laughing. Bella is yelling, "Is that your best work?! Is that your best work, Matea?!". Where is this coming from?

First Sick Day

We've had a little cold bug making its way through the family, courtesy of Matea. Bella's runny nose has been worse every day and today she woke up with a bit of a cough and rattly chest. She initially wanted to go to school but with a very scratchy voice, told me later this morning that she wanted to stay home. Since she loves going to school, I believed her when she said she didn't feel well.

So, now she's in the chair resting and watching tv.

And Matea can't be left out of the fun.

Shell Beach

Steve often takes the girls to the beach on weekends that I work. And then they come in to Carters to visit me, covered with sand and salty water and give my ultra clean and orderly boss a heart attack. Good times for all.

I just came across the pictures from their trip last weekend. Looks like they had a great time. Without Mama:(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Updates...Or Not

We're about a month into school for both girls and I guess it's going well. Neither of them tells me much and I have to ask really specific questions to get any answers. Then I question whether their answers are truthful or they're just spitting out the first bit of info. that comes into their mind in order to shut me up.

Tatey seems to be enjoying preschool. No crying or clinging to mama at drop off and she's always so proud of her projects when I pick her up. The other day she said, "Papa, this is called art project" like it was a very scientific term. Her BFF at school is a sweet little girl named Bella. I know, poor girl just can't get away from the power that is Bella. School Bella looks a little like Matea, same brown bob hair and big brown eyes. She's just a little older than Tatey but I think she's a little more socially confident and Matea's happy to follow her. Matea talks about "School Bella" all the time and I think "Home Bella" has finally gotten over being pissed off that there's another Bella in Tate's life.

Bella really seems to be enjoying kindergarten but I can't really figure out what they do there all day. Their daily schedule is posted on the white board but when I ask questions, I get very limited answers (from both B and the teacher). So far, it doesn't seem that different from her pre-k class. At least, not different enough. I've learned that Bella is apparently the only kid in the class who can read and it doesn't appear that they're doing any reading activities in class yet. She comes home with "Open Court" reading books which seem like a joke since we've been working on reading for almost a year now. The assurance that she could be sent to first grade for reading has never been mentioned again and I'm just working on biting my tongue on the issue until parent conferences next month. I know I can be very critical and have high expectations but I'm creating a little human being and feel like I owe her more than she's getting. I was talking to another mom and she bluntly informed me that I was expecting too much for public school and that her son's kindergarten class (at a very highly ranked school) was at the same level as Bella's class. So, we'll just continue to work on our own reading program at home I guess.

There are two major things I've realized this school year. First, having both girls in school doesn't mean I have more time. It's actually quite the opposite. All of the shuttling around of children takes up a huge portion of my day, not to mention the homework and reading after school. My frustration level with selling the house has reached its peak. I really want to be living in town, close to school and work. I drove 40 miles yesterday alone and I have the gas bill that's gone up over $100 per month to prove it.

I've also realized that I was totally spoiled with feedback from teachers the last three years. Bella's first teacher, Miss Sandy, always gave feedback on behavior and performance. She could easily talk to you for 15 minutes and thoroughly answer any questions. And she was honest. When Bella was a little turd, Miss Sandy would tell me. When Bella had a great day, she would give me a 5 minute glowing review. Mrs. Kaar and Mrs. Sarawutari were just as great last year. They'd stay 10 minutes after class to talk to me about my kindergarten questions and concerns. They hugged Matea and asked her if she was excited to start preschool. When I ran into each of them separately after Bella graduated, they both seemed genuinely happy to see us. I just don't get that same ethusiasm and interest from either of the girls' current teachers.

Anyhow, we'll see how the rest of the year plays out. We were really hoping to be moved by the end of the year which leaves us about two months to start escrow in order to make our deadline. I'm sick of all the driving and time wasted in the car. Tired of keeping the house in tip top shape for potential buyers (no more lazy days around here).

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another First Day

Today was Tatey's first day of preschool. Grandma predicted tears and mama thought she'd be fine. I should have put $100 on it because mama was right! She did absolutely fine and even answered "yes" when I asked her whether she was ready for me to leave. I thought both girls looked particularly cute today. Grandma got them a fabulous new fall wardrobe and they look like little fashionistas. Thanks Grandma! Can you guess who taught Matea to pose? Grrrrrr.