Friday, June 20, 2008


3:00pm. 93 degrees in the house. "Shut the world out" plan officially not effective.

Freakin Hot!

It's been over 100 degrees here the last three days and it's miserable. Yes, it may get hot where most of our family lives but you bastards have air conditioning. Our house was a sweaty 90 degrees at 7:00 last night. We've been eating dinner outside because it's just too damn sticky to do anything inside and we've been avoiding any meal that requires use of the stove or oven. We've done lots of swimming this week and went to the beach last night but didn't get much relief unless we were standing with our feet in the water.

Today, we're trying a new plan of attack. All windows closed along with the blinds, tank tops and undies for the kids, crock pot cooking in our laundry room, and trying to be so lazy, we can't work up a sweat.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Videos

"Happy Father's Day?"


Sunday, June 15, 2008


My grandpa was right, Bella is a genius. Ok, maybe not a genius but she does love to write and in general, really likes to learn new things. Yes, she watches her fair share of tv, but I think it's very balanced with books, art, and pretend play.

Anyway, she's been spending 2-3 hours everyday writing notes to her friends and has even learned to spell her friend, Hannah's name without any help from us! So, now she can spell her name, Papa, and Hannah all by herself. One morning, she decided to draw pictures of animals and then asked me to tell her how to spell them. She did all of this just by me dictating the letters to her, not me writing them and her copying them. You can see she definitely needs some work on her "s", but Steve and I were both really impressed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dinner at the Beach

We had another beautiful, warm day here today so I suggested that we eat dinner on the beach and then play in the ocean for a while. Matea is still grumpy - either because she's still not feeling well or she's just practicing being two years old -but as usual, Bella had a fabulous time. She absolutely loves being at the beach and since we have an annual pass and can drive right on, it's a super cheap and easy activity to do with the kids.

I think we're amazingly lucky to live here and we really try to appreciate the fact that we get to live at the beach. I mean, how many people can call their spouse at 4:3opm and say, "Hey, lets go eat dinner next to the ocean tonight"?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Health Update

Bella had her post-op appointment yesterday and the doctor was pleased with her healing (so are we). He said that the scar needs to be kept out of the sun for the next year or there's a small chance it could turn black. Say what?! He suggested I keep a band aid over the area...for the next year! Um, how in the hell do you think I'll keep a band aid on her lip? First off, it's moist area, there's no way the band aid will stick. Secondly, the girl yaps away all day long about various pretend scenarios we're living in, I can't imagine a band aid would stay put through all this talking. So, we're doing the next best thing and being very liberal with the sunscreen. I'm already very careful about applying sunscreen to both girls and I bought Bella some special chapstick with SPF 30 that I guess we'll just apply all the freakin time and keep our fingers crossed.

Matea has been battling a fever since Friday and it finally appears to be breaking today. She's had a really low fever before, but this is the first time she's consistently had a high fever for several days. It got as high as 103.5 and just like big sister, she was a total trooper. Other than being a little more fussy and clingy, she's handled her sickness fairly well. After lots of activity over the weekend, I let her spend most of the day yesterday hanging out in the recliner and watching her shows.


Our niece (Steve's older brother's daughter), Haley, graduated from 8th grade last Tuesday and we drove over to Lemoore for the evening to celebrate with her. She was one of the top students in her class and did well in academics, athletics, and extra curricular activities. We're so proud of her and hope she continues to do this well through high school and college. We've decided that she's going to go to Cal Poly and live with us. She'll be our live in nanny and Steve will accompany her to parties. It will be a win-win situation (for us and Haley's parents, for Haley, not so much).

Doesn't she look like Steve? I'll have to dig out a picture of her as a little girl. She and Bella look a lot alike.

And here are my babies showing off the matching dresses I made them. One of the few items I've made for Bella that she approves of and willingly wears.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend Camping

We decided to take the girls camping at a local spot last night, actually the first place we ever made a family camping trip with Bella when she was 15 months old. Everyone had a good time despite the most annoying neighboring campers ever. Not only did we have to listen to this lady scream at her grandkids the entire time, but a stray camper around 8 years old showed up last night and helped himself to our marshmallows. Steve tried to give him a lesson in good manners but I think his efforts were wasted.

The girls got to see lots of wildlife including turkeys and deer and last night Steve and I spotted a skunk heading toward our trailer. And we learned an important lesson...don't serve beans with dinner when you're all sleeping together in close quarters. Matea's hiney played a symphony of toots all night long.