Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend Camping

We decided to take the girls camping at a local spot last night, actually the first place we ever made a family camping trip with Bella when she was 15 months old. Everyone had a good time despite the most annoying neighboring campers ever. Not only did we have to listen to this lady scream at her grandkids the entire time, but a stray camper around 8 years old showed up last night and helped himself to our marshmallows. Steve tried to give him a lesson in good manners but I think his efforts were wasted.

The girls got to see lots of wildlife including turkeys and deer and last night Steve and I spotted a skunk heading toward our trailer. And we learned an important lesson...don't serve beans with dinner when you're all sleeping together in close quarters. Matea's hiney played a symphony of toots all night long.

1 comment:

jona said...

Go Matea!!!! Play that funky music! Teehee!

You are brave to take kids camping. I'm too wimpy (and whiney) to do that.