Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Health Update

Bella had her post-op appointment yesterday and the doctor was pleased with her healing (so are we). He said that the scar needs to be kept out of the sun for the next year or there's a small chance it could turn black. Say what?! He suggested I keep a band aid over the area...for the next year! Um, how in the hell do you think I'll keep a band aid on her lip? First off, it's moist area, there's no way the band aid will stick. Secondly, the girl yaps away all day long about various pretend scenarios we're living in, I can't imagine a band aid would stay put through all this talking. So, we're doing the next best thing and being very liberal with the sunscreen. I'm already very careful about applying sunscreen to both girls and I bought Bella some special chapstick with SPF 30 that I guess we'll just apply all the freakin time and keep our fingers crossed.

Matea has been battling a fever since Friday and it finally appears to be breaking today. She's had a really low fever before, but this is the first time she's consistently had a high fever for several days. It got as high as 103.5 and just like big sister, she was a total trooper. Other than being a little more fussy and clingy, she's handled her sickness fairly well. After lots of activity over the weekend, I let her spend most of the day yesterday hanging out in the recliner and watching her shows.

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