Friday, August 17, 2007

Matea's One Year Pics

I know it's not socially acceptable to say this about your own child, but aren't these pictures gorgeous?! I took them at home and then sent them to a friend in Canada to work her photo editing magic. I couldn't be happier with the results. I think they really capture Matea's personality and disposition and the editing makes them look really professional. Grandparents who are reading this, email me if there's a specific one you want as an 8x10.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Santa Barbara Zoo

In a very rare moment of spontaneity, I took the girls to the SB Zoo on Monday. This was the furthest/biggest outing I've taken them on by myself. Yes, I realize it's not that "far" or "big". Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Bella asked lots of questions about the animals and Matea did lots of pointing and shouting, "Dat!". We stopped in the grassy area for a snack and Bella was in a posing mood so I got some really cute pics of her. And I know the one of the three of us is really bad, but I took it myself while wrangling two small children and we all made it in the frame so in my book, it's a success.

Friday, August 10, 2007

One Year Check Up

Steve has started calling Matea, "Little PITA" (pain in the ass). It's just normal baby/toddler stuff, but it seems like she's constantly into something or whining. She's suddenly addicted to climbing on things. In under ten seconds, she figured out how to climb up on the chair and onto their little table in the play area. I got tired of trying to keep her off of the chairs so I hid them in the laundry room. I made a quick trip to the bathroom the other day and in about 30 seconds, she opened the door to the laundry room, found the chairs, and immediately climbed up. The picture shows how remorseful she was when I caught her.

She got the stamp of approval at her one year check up yesterday. Anemia is gone and she's right on track with milestones. She's still on the petite side, just under the 50th percentile on weight. Since I didn't have any concerns and neither did the doctor, we spent most of the visit talking about Dr. Teaford's personal life (she's now Dr. Hoffman). We're lucky to have a really great pediatrician who I get along really well with so I'm comfortable talking to her about anything and everything concerning the girls. Bella was at the appointment with us and anytime Dr. Teaford asked her a question about Matea, Bella changed the discussion topic to herself. "Did your sister have a party for her birthday?". "Yes. Oh, I had a party a long, long time ago. Actually, I've had three parties and a cupcake with a flower on it."

On a side note, Matea nursed for the last time about a week ago. I know a lot of people reading this will think I'm relieved and happy to move on after nursing for a year, but really the whole thing is very emotional for me. She pretty much weaned herself, so I think she was ready to move on but I'll really miss it. I really enjoyed the bonding that came with breastfeeding both of the girls for a year and it's hard knowing that I won't get to experience that with another baby. On the up side though, I can wear a regular bra (and hike the girls back up above belly button level) and take good prescription medicines (I didn't waste any time getting into my doctor to discuss my allergies and get a daily acid blocker). And, Matea's decided to be picky. Milk must be in a bottle, not a cup, and must be heated to a warm temperature. Damn PITA.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Party Girl

Pics from Matea's first birthday party...

Camping with a Crawler

Consider this a public service announcement. "Do not attempt to camp with a crawler." We met the Olson's in San Simeon for two nights of camping and it's safe to say, Matea kept us on our toes. She wants to keep up with the big girls and explore everything but still needs a lot of help from Mommy and Papa so there was definitely no relaxing on our part. And of course, there was very little napping so she was fairly whiney, not the happy, playful baby she is at home.
Bella and Avery had lots of fun and since we were on neutral territory, there were far less meltdowns this visit. They spent a lot of time "losting", hunting squirrels, and feeding dirt to birds.