Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We accepted an offer on our house yesterday with a 3 week escrow but we're shooting for closing in two weeks (it's an all cash buyer). As excited as we are to be moving on, finding a new place on such a short deadline has been stressful. Even more stressful is the fact that the buyer just backed out of another escrow last week and I believe she also backed out of one a few months ago. She asked for the short escrow and has to be out of her current rental very quickly so we're hoping that will motivate her to go through with the transaction.

The only contingency is the home inspection which is happening tomorrow. We're feeling pretty confident that our house has been well maintained so any issues should be minor but we won't know until Monday whether the contingency has been dropped. So, we've been busy trying to find a rental that meets all of our needs, is in our price range, and will work with our time line. Lucky for us, we found it today! It's an older, totally funky house. Ever heard of a sunken/step down livingroom? Well, this one has a step down shower and laundry! Totally weird but quirky in a fun way. Two bedrooms, small retro kitchen, bonus play/sewing room, ginormous two car garage, cute little back patio and a huge fenced yard and, it's only a block away from preschool. And I haven't even gotten to the best part...the rent is $250 lower than our budget! Steve will be able to bike to work a few days so we're looking at saving a total of about $500/month. Not too shabby!

The rental house is managed by one of Steve's customers who was more than nice about working with our timeline. As long as we get the rental approval, he's willing to hold the house for us until Monday and not require a deposit until all contingencies on our house sale have been removed. After working with total ass holes at a property management company yesterday, it was nice to meet someone today who was understanding of our situation and willing to work with us. So, if all goes well, hopefully we'll be moving the weekend of October 10th. Keep your fingers crossed!

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