Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sweet Jesus, It's Already Starting

I'm in the office packing for our move and totally out of the blue, Bella just walked in and said the following:

"I think Kevin and Alejandro are the two boys that love me at school. Well, I know Kevin does because he told me loves me but I just think Alejandro does because he gave me a flower today."


"Well, I really think all the boys love me but especially Kevin. He told me he does."

"Ummmmm, do you love them? And what about Junior? Isn't he the one that always smiles and yells your name when I pick you up?"

"Yes! I told you! I think all of the boys love me. But especially Kevin."

She is pretty cute and fun so I can see how she'd be popular with the boys. And she likes to wear dresses. Maybe I should warn all of these young men that she's fairly high maintenance. I think first, I'll start with pointing out to Bella that Alejandro has yet to earn even one good behavior sticker so maybe he's not the best choice for a love interest.


Lori said...

lol, I guess you can be happy that she didn't come home and say "Mommy, Devin is going to choke Olivia on the playground tomorrow" like my 1st grader did yesterday. Crazy. Are you sure we can't keep them in a bubble?

roxybonds said...

LOL!!!!! She sure is very confident!!! Its cute now...