Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're Here!

In the new house, that is. Steve moved all of our stuff over the last week with some help from Ronnie and Devin on Saturday. We started living here on Saturday night and so far, so good. It's definitely a busier street than we realized but it seems to quiet down at night and we're all sleeping well here.
Once we started moving our stuff in, we realized the house isn't really as small as we originally thought, just less open than our old house. With the exception of a few small pieces of non-essential furniture, we've been able to fit everything in. Now, we're just working on unpacking the last 20 or so boxes which are filled with miscellaneous crap that's hard to find a home for. And hanging things up on the wall is going to be a challenge since the house is really old and doesn't have drywall - I guess it's plaster?
We know renting is going to be a transition for us but so far, our property manager has gone above and beyond. After getting new carpet last week, they surprised us yesterday by putting new flooring in the kitchen too! There are a few small things that need "fixin'", but overall, the house is in good shape and already feels like home. There are a few small things we've had to buy like a microwave and dish drying rack (no dish washer here !) and we're thinking about trying to save up for a sectional couch but really, it's been a very smooth and easy move for us. We close escrow today and get to pick up our tiny proceeds check. I try not to think about how much money we lost and instead focus on how much we're saving each month (about $500).
The girls seem to really like the new house and love being close to school - it means they get to watch a few more minutes of Clifford in the morning!
I'll be back later to post some pics of the new place.

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