Friday, October 30, 2009


Why did Bella have to pick the biggest turd in her whole class to be the object of her affection? Seriously, he's a five year old juvenile delinquent. And he's obviously in love with Bella.

I started volunteering in her classroom this week and you can totally tell that this kid is smitten. He stares at her and can't stop bugging her. And unfortunately, she thinks he's the greatest thing ever. I've gently (and not so gently) pointed out to Bella that he had to be removed from the class and sit alone during a recent assembly. And that he seems to be unable to "clip up to blue" and get a good behavior reward. I guess these aren't important qualities to her.

Two days ago, he asked Bella to come home with him after school to eat fish. His mom laughed and said, "He loves fish." I said, "I think he loves Bella more." Then he tried to get in our car and come home with us. No thank you. Two kids are enough for me and if I was going to pick up another, it would certainly be less turd-like (and would probably be another girl, not a boy).

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