Sunday, October 28, 2007

A mermaid and a goldfish

Don't the girlies look cute in their costumes? Bella has a bright red wig that goes with hers but she refused to wear it. Which caused me to launch in to the traditional, "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees" lecture and tell her that if she doesn't wear the wig to school with her costume, she needs to get $10 out of her piggy bank to pay us because she insisted on getting the wig with her costume.

We were supposed to go to a little carnival in the village last night but it started raining so our friends, The Rushings, threw together a little party instead. The girls got the wear their costumes, Steve got to have a few drinks, and I had one of those cheap cupcakes from the grocery store with 3 inches of frosting on the top. All were happy.

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lena rushing said...

they look so cute ,i love the look on bellas face in the 1st pic