Wednesday, August 19, 2009


House is still for sale. It's been on the market for about a month and we've been getting consistent showings so we feel like we're priced right. Most of the people have given really good feedback about the house and we're still hoping that we can sell by the end of the year. We're keeping our eye on rentals in the neighborhood and price range we want, and don't think we'll have any trouble finding something that works for us. With our really good credit and home ownership record, I think we'll make dream tenants. Anyone wanna buy a little house and rent to us?

Matea gave up her paci almost a month ago and we're still having some rough moments. She's having troubling soothing herself to sleep at night and out of habit, touches her mouth a lot when she's tired or grumpy. I'm still questioning whether we took the paci away too early because I really think she still needed it for comfort. Anyway, totally out of the blue yesterday, she climbed up on the bathroom counter and found a paci in the medicine cabinet. I don't know how she even knew it was in there. After some bargaining, I agreed to let her hold it in her hand while she finished watching her movie. Then she told me she was going to hide it from me. I slyly watched where she hid it and then took it back.

Bella starts kindergarten tomorrow. Hoping we made the right decision to stick with our neighborhood school. Hoping that with 29 students now in the class, she'll get the attention she needs. Hoping Matea doesn't realize how boring life at home with just Mama will be.

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