Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kindergarten: Week 2

Bella seems to have adjusted easily to her new school routine. I was really worried about her staying on task while getting ready in the mornings but she's been following directions well and we've been ready to go with plenty of time to spare.

She says she having fun at school but isn't learning anything. I've tried to tell her that the teacher is still trying to get everyone comfortable and in the routine (some freaking kid Cynthia cries hysterically almost all day) and learning will start soon but she seems a little concerned.

I was sitting outside her class room today a few minutes before pick up time. I was looking at the playground when I heard Bella's voice in the opposite direction yell, "Hi Mommy!". She had gone to the bathroom and was on her way back to class with the aide. I must have looked startled because she said, "It's me, Bella. I'm at school." I wanted to say, "No shit, I'm here to pick you up" but the aide whisked her away too quickly for me to say anything.

She had her first homework assignment tonight...decorating a figure to look like her. I cut out the doll as instructed by the teacher and cut out the dress as instructed by Bella. I left her on her own to design "herself" and I think she did a great job.
Of course, Matea had to do her own version of the homework.
Bella's signature concentration tongue.
See, they look exactly alike. Notice, they're both wearing pink headbands. Nice touch, Bella.

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