Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

We got up early and I made Bella's breakfast request, pancakes, sausage, and cantaloupe. Got her lunch packed and all of us ready for school with plenty of time to spare.

We took some pictures out front and then headed to school.

She was really excited as we walked up.

We met up with Papa and walked to her classroom. Just yesterday, the school created a K-1st combo class and got a new teacher so the classroom is still looking a little sparse. Her teacher is really nice, but also pretty realistic about all of the unknowns right now. The district initially laid off 90 teachers but just hired back 30 so no one really knows what the final class sizes will look like yet. The K-1st combo class Bella's in has 24 students, so definitely more than the previous class size reduction numbers but not the 29 students we were told on Monday.

I didn't realize that we'd have to wait outside until the bell rang. We briefly met the teacher and then had 15 minutes of waiting outside watching hundreds of kids on the playground and activity everywhere. Prime nerves building time.

When the bell rang and we finally got to go in, Bella very reluctantly sat at her desk. I walked around to take this picture and this was the best smile she could give. And then tears starting flowing. I never expected her to cry. Never. She's so social and was really excited about school and never once showed any apprehension with preschool. I think all of the waiting outside just ended up being a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, I pick her up at 1:40 and will take her out to ice cream before I have to head to work tonight. I can't wait to hear all about her day and I really hope she quickly overcame her nerves.


Keeley Kirwan said...

I hope she had a wonderful day at school!! You never said how momma did though?!?! (((HUGS))) I cried when I dropped Nathan off at daycare when he was 13 weeks old and then again when he was 2 1/2 for Preschool. I guarantee I will for Kindergarten as well.

Kelci said...

I wasn't great Keels. I got all teary on the way into town and then bucked up once we got to school. I think I would have been fine if Bella hadn't starting crying. She looked so sad and I could barely contain myself. I looked at the teacher and tried to telepathically relay the message, "Sorry I'm such a big weenie." Not sure whether she got it.