Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day Update

Steve and I were able to go together to pick up Bella from school. The teacher said, "Do you see your mom or dad anywhere?". Bella looked around smiling and looked right past us. I was doing a crazy lady wave and everything and she didn't see us. She finally ran over and we said, "Did you have a good day?" to which she replied, "I have to go potty."

After taking care of business, we were able to go back and chat with her teacher. Poor, poor girl. She (and her husband!) were laid off from different schools in the district when they did the 90 teacher layoff a few months ago. On Tuesday night, she got a phone call about the K-1st job at Oceano, signed her contract yesterday at 10:00am and had less than 24 hours to prepare for today. She's as nice as can be but is obviously totally overwhelmed and unprepared. She talked a lot with Steve and I and Bella seems to really like her so I think we'll all get along nicely.

Bella's excited to go back tomorrow and is already talking about her new friend, Ella. Hope things continue to go this well.


Keeley Kirwan said...

YAY Bella!! I'm super glad you had a good day!! Hope your second one is even better!!

Kelci said...

Keels, I just read Bella your message and she got all smiley:)