Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love this kid

Matea is so much fun. Bella's going through another big whiney, ungrateful phase so Matea really lightens the mood. I'm sure Matea will go through the spoiled brat phase too once she learns to articulate her feelings better. In the meantime, she really brings so much fun and joy to my day.

She's potty training, doing a great job, and prefers to spend most of the day naked. Wearing undies is her idea of fully dressed. She's still a little peanut, only about 25 pounds, and she just looks so tiny wearing her undies.

We're still working on the bunk bed transition. Matea generally does well at nap time, maybe because I've been bribing her with peanut butter m&m's. Hey, whatever works. I won't do it forever. Just until she's 12 or so. Night time is another story. Some nights they settle in with 15 minutes after some chatter and a trip or two to the livingroom to try and strike up a conversation. Other nights, like last night, they spend an hour laughing, screaming, repeatedly coming out into the hallway to see what we're doing. So I decided to try and skip her nap today, hoping she would maybe fall asleep more easily tonight. I thought we were all lying down watching a movie and then I found her snoozing.

A quick update on my hallucinations. Still having them at night although they seem to be a little less frequent and strong. I saw my doctor again yesterday and he agreed to wait until Monday for the MRI. If the hallucinations are being caused by the fibromyalgia medicine I just stopped, they should be gone by Monday. If not, there's a very small chance it could be something else like a brain tumor. My doctor assured me that he's confident it's withdrawal from the med and not to even think about the MRI or brain tumor right now. My anxiety level is crazy right now so I'm taking medicine at night to help with that and also help me sleep. My doctor wants me to continue with that for another few weeks until we can officially close the book on the hallucinations and move on with life.

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