Friday, November 07, 2008

Bad Parenting

We've been planning for the last year to get the girls bunk beds toward the end of this year. I ordered them last week and in a moment of bad parenting, we decided to pick them up last night, spontaneously buy a mattress that was $75 more than we thought we would spend, assemble the bunk beds, and throw the kids in to sleep two hours past their normal bed time with no bunk bed sleeping preparation.

Steve kept pointing out that when we moved Bella to a big girl bed, we talked about it for weeks in advance. With Matea, we just said, "Hey, look where you sleep now. Good luck."

The girls were really excited and definitely had some trouble settling down. Bella fell asleep within 20 minutes or so but Matea made a few trips out of bed before finally giving in at 10:00. This is the first phase of their grand bedroom redo that we're giving them for Christmas. They don't know it but on Christmas Eve, they're going to sleep in our room and we're going to completely makeover their bedroom with new paint, bedding, storage, desk, and decor. I'll definitely be having some late night coffee then.

In other news, the girls seem to be full of illness and injury this morning. It looks like Bella has ringworm (yuck!) so I'm taking her into the doctor later this morning. And Matea woke up saying her foot hurt and has given up wobbling around and is crawling instead. She keeps pointing to her toes but they look fine and don't seem to bother her when we move or squeeze them.


Lori said...

Love those bunk beds. We will be moving the girls in together if we ever get around to having another kid! And I'm thinking bunk beds is the way to go. And how sweet about their Christmas surprise!!

Beth said...

I want to hang out soon- but let's wait until that ring worm clears up, shall we?

You and Steve are not bad parents. You made sure Bella wasn't going to become a midnight skydiver courtesy of the railing. If that's not good parenting, I don't know what is.