Friday, November 21, 2008

Convo with Matea

Most people notice that Matea talks really well for a two year old and has a great vocabulary. So, sometimes, we can get in serious discussions like the following...

Me: Matea, you're drooling so much and your shirt is drenched. It's gross.
Matea: I'm not gwoss!
Me: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that you're gross, but all the drooling is.
Matea: You hurt me.
Me: I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry. Come here, let me hug you. Maybe you have a new tooth coming in. (Check it out) Yep! You're getting a new tooth!
Matea: I don't wanna a new toof! I don't want it!

Steve came home a while later and thought she felt warm. She had a 102.5 degree fever! Bella never really had any teething symptoms other than discomfort so I always forget about the fever, running nose, and all that other stuff. Anyway, I pumped some motrin in her and felt like a better mother.

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