Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tree Update

Up until yesterday morning, there was exactly nothing to report on the tree front. Literally, nothing new had happened in one full week except for several unreturned phone calls to the contractor. Then, things got messy.

On a good note, neighbor Bob removed the asshole tree that fell on our house and trimmed a few others. Now the not so good stuff. The local adjuster for hire estimated $5000 for repairs and tree removal. Say what?! Tree removal alone was $1200 so that leaves $3800 to repair over a dozen holes in the roof, replace ceiling joists, relevel the house, remove and repair interior dry wall, etc. We, of course, started to freak out and our adjuster in Ohio said not to worry, when she got the estimate from our contractor she could deal with discrepancies. Made our third and final phone call to the contractor and finally got an estimate...for $16,000. Just slightly higher than $5,000, right? So now we're just playing the waiting game and freaking out.

Bella's seemed to develop a lot of anxiety over the whole tree issue. She's been having lots of accidents (only at home) because she won't go to the bathroom alone and talks about the tree all the time. Yesterday morning on the way to gymnastics, she looked at the side of the road and said, "Mommy, look at those trees. I think they're about to fall down on that house." I thought she was just being dramatic until I heard her say that yesterday. I think this whole ordeal has really consumed her thoughts and that makes me really sad. We keep telling her we'll keep her safe and she has nothing to worry about but that Friday night was scary for all of us.

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keels&peanut said...

I am glad they up'ed it to $16K...just a slight gap in price...good grief. I have been checking this a couple times a day to see if there had been any progress on your tree/house saga. Glad Bella had a good the dress!! Hopefully you get your house fixed soon so it stops invading poor Bella's thoughts!! ((HUGS))