Monday, January 07, 2008

Hi, I'd like to exchange this tree for some holes

Yay! We finally had the tree removed today. Took about three hours and we're left with three nice size holes in the house now. They had to remove three separate branches that were each the size of a medium tree trunk.

I met with the repair guy and he said that although there are several modular homes in the area with tree damage, we're the only one he's seen with interior damage so once we get insurance approval, we'll be bumped to the top of the list for immediate repair. I guess that's one bit of good news. He's anticipating a minimum of 5 days of construction.

During the tree removal, the owner of the tree company told Steve that the tree really needed to come down all together in addition to several trees around it. Steve called the owner of the tree and asked him to come outside. He seemed to agree that something needed to be done about the trees but didn't agree to definitely take action yet. I really hope he'll do the responsible thing or we'll live in fear every time a storm comes through town.


Jaron and Jenni said...

Did you at least get some firewood out of this ordeal?

Kelci said...

No, but we did score a few avocados. Our neighbors avocado tree lost a huge branch and the guys had it next to the wood chipper. I told the girls to run over and pick any avocados they could find. We only found 4, but that's about $6 toward our new roof. Well, Bella gave one away so only $4.50.

Shana said...

Well instead of maiking lemonade from lemons, you made guacomale out of your situation!

Glad it's no longer a jungle in your house, and hopefully the holes get patched up real soon!