Sunday, January 06, 2008

Made it through another night

Luckily the rain was minimal last night so we didn't have to deal with water pouring into the house. After getting on the roof yesterday morning, Steve felt the girls' room was safe so we let Matea sleep in there last night but Bella was still too scared. Matea definitely notices the tree branches in the house but she's too little to remember the boom and house shaking like Bella does. Last night they came into the office to sew with me and the first thing Bella did when she walked in was check out the ceiling for trees or damage:( I think it'll probably take her a few weeks to adjust. We're hoping an adjuster will actually come out to look at things tomorrow instead of just calling to set up an appointment later in the week. We need to get this tree out of our house but we don't want to do anything until the insurance company sees it in person and we really can't afford to do anything right now anyway. This whole thing has been really upsetting to all of us and we know it'll get worse when we have to live in a construction zone so think good thoughts for us.

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