Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What, your grandma didn't give you a pony?

Sorry, she must not love you as much as Bella and Matea's grandma loves them. Maybe you can ask for a new grandma for Christmas next year.

No surprise, the girls got totally spoiled at Christmas. After opening a bunch of cool gifts from my mom, Uncle Ronnie brought in this pony. Bella went crazy, twirled around and shouted, "I just got what I've always wanted!". Her name is supposed to be Butterscotch but Bella keeps calling her Hopscotch. I call her a pain in the ass to store in my house but the girls are having a lot of fun with it.

Santa brought the girls a sand and water table for our new backyard and it seems to be a big hit already. They spent a few hours playing with it yesterday with only minimal fighting. We're still eating tamales that Steve and Bella made on Christmas Eve. She looked so sweet, concentrating so hard.


Jaron and Jenni said...

That pony is hilarious. We saw it at Costco and Avery got freaked out when it started moving around. I tried to get her to overcome her fear and pet it but she wouldn't have it.

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

I saw those pony's at the store b/f Christmas . . I thought they were a little scarey looking myself! LOL! But love the table, my boys got one as well from their cousins and aunt/uncle . . waiting for it to warm up a bit b/f we break it out!