Monday, December 17, 2007

Graham Cracker Houses

Grandpa and Grandma Cindy were visiting this weekend and I decided to put Grandpa's perfectionism into full swing by suggesting they make gingerbread houses (but from graham crackers-I'm far too cheap to buy the gingerbread house kits when I can spend half the money and have tons of graham crackers left over for snacks). Anyway, Grandpa seemed to have a lot of problems with his supplies-even though no one else did-which usually resulted in him eating the "defects". Grandma Cindy had a mild heart attack when she accidentally put a gummy bear in her mouth. Apparently, in addition to never making a gingerbread house before in her life, she's also never had a gummy bear and wasn't ready to do it this weekend. Bella was mostly concerned that she wasn't going to win the competition and literally worked on her house for almost two hours so she'd be guaranteed to win the prize.

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