Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sorry, behind on posting

Ok, I know I haven't posted in a month but we've been so busy. We had to go out of town to the valley on two weekends, we've been spending lots of time outside because the weather has been so nice, and I can now officially say I'm at work from home mom. I started my own online scrapbooking business a few months ago and it's been very successful (which means I'm super busy shipping, managing inventory, etc.) so I just don't have the spare few minutes here and there that I used to. Anyhow, the girls have really been enjoying the outdoors and playing in the water. We were at my grandma's a few weeks ago and Bella loved running through the sprinkler. Matea....not so much. We went to the pool this weekend and both girls had a great time. They're both really comfortable in the water and it doesn't hurt that Mesa Dunes heats the pool to 85 degrees (literally) so you just feel like you're in a huge bath tub.

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