Wednesday, July 04, 2007

For the Moms Out There

Thought I'd share this link to "In the Motherhood" webisodes starring Leah Remini from "King of Queens". They're freakin hilarious and I think all moms can relate to them. By the way, if you're still living in 1996 and have dial up (ahem, my mother and Lena), set aside three days for the webisodes to load:) Ok, I know my mom will be offended and get defensive when she reads that so let the record reflect that she lives in the country and has no option other than dial up. Also let the record reflect that my friend Lena has no excuse.


lena rushing said...

EH hem..just read that, i do have an exuse..or a handicapp if you will, it's called being cheap. it's out of my control. my husband earned a bunch of extra money on a side job this weekend and he wanted to celebrate by going out to eat. i didn't want to rain on his parade so imitated his enthusiasm but inside it was killing mr that he just bought a $7 draft beer with his over priced meal. frugality, it's a blessing and a curse. p.s.i used to be a waitress so even though i'm a total tightwad i'm an excellent tipper ( :

lena rushing said...

oops i wrote "mr" instead of "me", as in ,"it was killing ME ..$".