Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beautiful Ballerinas

Bella's been taking dance class for a few weeks now and Matea's been standing on the sidelines, doing her best to follow along. The class is listed as being for "pody trained preschoolers" (that's right, "pody", not "potty"...kills me every time I see it on the paperwork) and even though the class size is really small, the owner still didn't want to let Matea participate because she isn't "pody" trained.

The instructor keeps inviting Matea out onto the dance floor so I took it upon myself to pay for her to join Bella, leotard and all. How cute does she look in her outfit? I'll let the owner tell this sweet baby she can't dance.

Her first class was yesterday and it was fairly chaotic. The teacher is sweet as can be but I think a little naive. She gives the girls a different prop for every song and then they all waste 5 minutes investigating the wand, stuffed animal, princess sign, etc. I would say that Tater spent 2/3 of the class being a total shit, striking up one-on-one chats with the teacher, and playing with her props. For the other third of the time, she listened really well and did a great job following directions.

Steve went to the class and said Matea drove him nuts. But instructor sweet pea said she thought Matea did well and she's welcome back next week.

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