Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hidden Benefit of Living in a Mobile Home Park

You get to see fire trucks up close and personal at least once every other week.

I know it's not really nice to benefit from someone else's problems, but we just happen to live on a circle with two ladies who require frequent emergency medical attention. We had (she just died a few weeks ago) one neighbor a few doors down who had a pace maker that frequently had issues. And by frequently, I mean at least once a week. Now that she's gone, a different neighbor has been getting frequent fire truck visits due to falls.

The girls always stand out on the porch and cheer and wave when they drive by. Sometimes, they circle the block and come back with their lights on, sometimes they just wave. This morning, they turned on the siren for us and let us run up to the truck and get stickers. It's like our own private parade. I think it's a great way for the girls to get comfortable with fire fighters, in case we ever have our own emergency. And I don't mind seeing a bunch of really good looking men in uniform either.

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