Monday, August 11, 2008

We're back

Back from a weekend in the valley. A bunch of relatives from Steve's mom's family were in town visiting so there was a mini renuion (and by mini, I mean like 40 people). The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins, swimming, and hanging out at Great Grandma's. We even got to see our old cat Maui who we shipped off to live at my Grandma's house two years ago before Matea was born. Bella still talks about Maui a lot so she was really excited to see her and Matea kept saying, "He likes me!".

And for those keeping up with my health issues the last few months, I have my "procedure" this Thursday and should have results next week. I had an appointment this morning with the Gastro Doc's nurse and she also felt that all signs point toward Crohn's disease.

We really are beach people now. I just can't handle the heat, makes me feel sick. Both girls complained about the heat this time (and it wasn't even 100 degrees!) and on the way home, Bella said, "I just think we need to visit Nana and Tata more often when it's not so hot."

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alissa said...

I can't believe that cat is still alive!!