Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin

Bella starts a new preschool next week after having the last two months off. We got along well for most of July but August has been a little rougher. I wasn't feeling well for the first half of the month and now, the togetherness is just wearing on me. I really think our personalities are just too similar to be together all the freakin time. So, I'm counting the days until she goes back on Wednesday.

She has orientation tomorrow where she'll get to meet her teachers and see her new classroom. I've already made her first day of pre-k outfit for her and she gave her stamp of approval which is hard to come by these days. She gets to take her own snack (yippee-I was consistently disappointed by the crap parents brought at her old school) so we went shopping for her first lunch box and a cool thermos.

I know she'll love school and make friends easily. She's been at the same school for the last two years but we decided to move her to a new preschool this year, partly because we thought she needed to get used to having a new teacher, friends, and classroom every year. Her old teacher is itchin' to have Matea in her class but I think I'll keep her at home for another year. I kinda like having her around.

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