Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Ladies Love Luke

We had a playdate yesterday that I was more excited about than any other playdate we've ever had. I found my old college friend, Beth, on Facebook and learned she has a 17 month old son so I insisted that we get together immediately.

I hadn't seen Beth since my wedding 8 years ago but it felt like we'd been friends this whole time and we just picked up right where we left off. Her son, Luke, was so much fun and I think he and the girls interacted really well. He was really big on kissing and the girls were happy to play along. See how serious he looks as Matea makes a move? That's his standard pre-kiss facial expression. He was sweet, silly, and just overall a wonderful little boy and I hope we can see him again soon.

Beth seems like a wonderful mom who has faced so many obstacles with Luke's health but is raising a really amazing little boy.

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Beth said...

What sweet pictures and thank you for the very kind compliment. Lukes loves your girls and we look forward to seeing you soon!