Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend

Yes, I know I'm way behind on posting here. If you read my work/crafting blog at all (, you know I've been super busy. I'm working 20-25 hours a week from home now on my sewing business and trying to spend less time on the internet all together...see, what happens is I come on here to quickly post and then I have to check my celebrity gossip sites and then Babycenter and next thing you know, I've wasted a half hour.

Anyway, our Easter weekend was crazy busy. We drove over to Lemoore on Friday morning and spent the afternoon and Rotary Playland/Storyland in Fresno. To say both girls loved it would be an understatement. Bella wanted to do absolutely everything and as usual, Matea was right behind her.

For those who aren't familiar with the park, it's sort of like a mini amusement park for smaller, preschool aged kids and it's all sponsored by the Rotary Club. Steve and I both remember going there as kids so it was neat to see our girls there. At Storyland, you buy a little plastic key that you stick into a machine that tells you a story. There are different statues, etc. next to the machine that go along with the story and some have little activities like slides and ladders.

I wish we could have gotten video of Matea with Little Red Riding Hood. I'm pretty sure she thought she was real. She kept saying "hiiiiiii-eeeeeee" and hugging and kissing her. It was so adorable.

When we headed over to Playland, my mom kept saying she thought Bella would be too scared for the roller coaster and bigger rides. Total opposite happened. She wanted to ride absolutely everything, event the stuff she wasn't tall enough for.

We all had a great time. Thanks Grandma and Great-Grandma!

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