Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend: Part Three

We stayed at my grandma's for the weekend so when we woke up on Sunday, the girls hunted eggs at the same house that my mom and grandpa forced Devin and I to hunt eggs at well into highschool:) I always miss my grandpa a lot at holidays (I think we all do. He was really into holidays, especially when they involved food so it's hard not to feel like something's off without him there.) so I think I felt like staying at their house would sort of involve him. Bella slept with great grandma all weekend and left her magic wand for great grandpa at the cemetery so I'm pretty sure she's now at the top of the inheritance list.

This was Matea's first egg hunt that she could really participate in and she figured out how it worked right away. But then halfway through, she changed her game plan. When she'd find an egg, she'd examine it, decide whether or not she wanted, either set it back down or put it in her basket and then replace it with a new one. No matter how much we tried, my mom and I couldn't sway her from this approach.

After the egg hunt, the girls changed into their dresses I made them and we headed over to Steve's parents house for another egg hunt and lunch. Both girls had fun playing with their cousins. Hana and Matea gave each other lots of hugs and kisses and as usual, Bella and Ethen were inseparable. They're only about 10 weeks apart and get along so well. Bella likes to be in charge and Ethen's ok with that so they're really balanced playmates.

We've spent the last week recovering from our whirlwind weekend and are heading out of town again tomorrow for three days. Mama definitely needs a break!

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