Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend: Part Two

On Saturday of Easter weekend, we met my dad and Cindy for lunch at Superior Dairy in Hanford. Holy crap! I had totally forgotten how big their portions are. That's a regular banana split Steve ordered! Both girls enjoyed their ice cream and seemed to be able to eat an endless amount. Matea was sitting next to grandpa which probably made him nervous. He's a pretty "tidy" guy and Matea was all snot and slime. At one point her ice cream bowl slid off the table and landed face down and grandpa's shorts. I bet he had to take a blood pressure pill in the car afterward.

Then we headed over to Adventure Park where we rode the race cars and Grandma Cindy got scolded by the 16 year old part time high school employee for not following the rules. Such a bad example for the children. Matea was too small to ride so she spent a half hour swinging on the bars like a monkey.

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