Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last ones, I promise

Yes, we went out of the house with him dressed like this. We only went to 5 neighbor's houses and 3 of the 5 wanted to take a picture. Then we went to our neighbors' church carnival and I swear it was like Jesus himself spoke to everyone there and said, "Stop and stare at the hairy man dressed as a big fat woman with nice boobies." Every time I looked up, people were pointing and starring at him and a few men asked if he was available. And lots of teenage girls talked to him and commented on his costume. What's up with that? We may have to retire this one.


Jennifer said...

St. Pauli's girl? That is a sweet costume!

lena rushing said...

FUC@%#G HYSTERICAL!!!! I LOVE IT!! trav and i are laughing our asses off right now at that 1st pick w/ him twirling his pig tails. don't you dare retire it!

jona said...

That's your husband????!!!! ROFL!!!! He must be lots of fun to be the kind of guy willing to dress up like Helga the Bavarian Barmaid!