Monday, November 19, 2007

It's pneumonia

I took Bella to the doctor this morning because we just couldn't keep her fever away. She checked her out and sent us for blood work, urine, and a chest xray. I dropped off Matea with Steve at work (what, you don't think an auto shop is a great place for a 16 month old to hang out?) and took Bella for her labs. She was really nervous about the chest xray and kept crying but was able to hold still long enough that we got good xrays on both views on the first try. The blood work was another story. She's been with me several times when I've had blood drawn so she knows enough to realize that a needle goes in your arm and that probably doesn't feel good. She was so upset, it took me plus 3 nurses to hold her down and get her blood. Not exactly the nurturing, motherly feeling I like to have. Picked up Matea from Steve, ran by Vons for more Motrin and by the time we got home, Dr. Teaford called and said the xray showed pneumonia in the upper lobe of her right lung. I immediately lost it, starting bawling on the phone with the doctor. I think knowing the seriousness of what's wrong with her, combined with questioning whether you've handled everything well as her mother was just too much for me. On top of that, tomorrow is the third anniversary of Grandpa's death so I haven't exactly been feeling warm and fuzzy anyway.
I took her in to check her pulse oxygen level (it was good, 94%) and get a shot of antibiotics. I still couldn't keep myself together emotionally and asked Dr. Teaford to please not write, "Mother is a big weenie" on Bella's chart. She goes back in tomorrow morning to be checked out again and then we'll just be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday at home, letting our baby rest and recover instead of dragging her through the stress of traveling.


Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

O my goodness! BIG HUGS from me . . and 1 from each of my little boogers too! I am so sorry, but it will be nice to stay home for a change and get some rest. I say snuggle up w/ some good movies and some leftover turkey wraps and relax! HUGS on your grandpa's anniversary too! I know it must be tuff!

Jennifer said...

crazy! Hopefully no more trips to the ER...hate that place! Hope you are doing good. I have been thinking a lot about you lately. I love keeping in touch through blogs so it feels as though no time has passed. Love ya!