Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Update

Bella is really liking her new teacher and her new school. Our experience last year doesn't even compare to what I've seen this year. The difference is like night and day and I think we're going to be really happy at this school.

Bella has already made new best friends - a girl who sits near her named Darby and a girl from a different first grade class who she went to pre-K with. She's been in a great mood everyday when I pick her up and seems excited about her new class.

I'm happy to report I've perfected my bike riding/trailer towing skills and haven't gotten in trouble with the crossing guard since the first day. Let me tell you, having a super cute pink beach cruiser gets you tons of attention, from kids and adults. I think I've heard "I love your bike!" and "Mommy, look at that cool bike!" at least 5 times a day.

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