Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Get it? Lump and update in one word. I'm so clever.

So, Matea had her 6 week followup and ultrasound with the ENT today. He measured the lump (about 12mmx4mm), checked blood flow to it (none), and checked the rest of her neck for other lumps or abnormalities (none). He concluded that it's not a tumor and is just an enlarged lymph node. He said there's still a very, very small chance it could be cancer but it's just barely above the "normal" size and it's only one lymph node out of about 300 in our bodies that's swollen.

He said our options are 1. to follow up with another ultrasound in 6 weeks. If it hasn't grown or changed, do another ultrasound in 6 months or so. 2. Do a needle biospy now to rule out cancer. 3. Do surgery to remove the lump and find out definitively what it is.

My initial reaction was to remove it. I'm ready to not have this hanging over my head anymore and just want to get a definite answer and move on. But the doctor really recommends waiting and doing another ultrasound in 6 weeks which is also what Steve wants to do so I think we're going with that option.

At Matea's appointment 6 weeks ago, the doctor estimated that the lump was about 10mm which means it hasn't grown or has grown very little. I keep reminding myself that it's kind of a freak thing that Steve even found the lump in the first place and there's really nothing else that concerns us.

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