Friday, March 26, 2010

Allow Me to Translate

Bella has suddenly become really confident with her writing and it seems that every day I find one of her secret notes stashed somewhere in the house. She writes these all by herself and is really making great progress with her phonetic spelling.

Note 1-an invitation hand delivered to Steve and I in bed early on a Sunday morning"Everybody come to my tea party in my room."

Note 2-an original story, written by Bella for her teacher to read to her daughter.
"Once upon a time there was a little dog. He had so much fun so he laughed all a way into the dog house. The end."

Note 3-a warning sign for Matea (that's her face in the circle with a line through it)"No Mateas. Go in to your room."

Note 4-an apology for the above note"Sorry Matea. We need a break (or c). I don't know which one." --- I like how she addressed the spelling issue right in the note.

Note 5-I have no idea what this one is about. I just found it next to my side of the bed this morning. It's quite cryptic."The things you are looking for are not in the same place."

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