Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Modern Twist

on barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Topless,baby belly, socks only. Steve's fantasy finally came true. Unfortunately for him, the wrong family member fulfilled it (barf).

And in keeping things modern, boy undies because this three year old feminist isn't limited to frilly girl panties.

Don't let that sweet smile and cute hiney fool you. Baby Girl is turning into pure evil right before our eyes. When Bella was 2, I remember telling some friends (who had older girls) that she really wasn't showing any signs of the terrible twos. They all laughed and said, "Just wait until three". Seriously, for about a year, all hell broke loose for several hours every day. I vividly remember sitting outside with Matea when she was just a baby (so Bella was the age Tatey is now), while Bella was in the house totally freaking out and screaming for over an hour sometimes. I didn't want the neighbors to think she was being mistreated to I'd sit on the front steps with Matea as proof that whatever her problem was, she was bringing on herself.

This morning, Matea spent a full hour screaming and foot-stomping over an apron that I apparently could not tie correctly for her. She followed that up with 15 minutes of freaking out over shoes. Pretty soon I should be able to spend most of my day on the front steps alone, reading a good book and drinking ice tea.

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