Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 hours and 7 days of my life I won't ever get back

Matea swallowed the penny last Wednesday. We had "the talk" about being happy you didn't choke and die but also irritated at your naughtiness. We also talked about me having to explore her poop for the penny.
So, for the last 7 days, I've been on a penny hunt. I missed one "opportunity" the morning after the penny was eaten but other than that, I've been diligent. We were supposed to take her back to the ER on Friday if she hadn't passed the penny. We decided to give it a few more days and I took her back in on Monday. I decided to go to an imaging facility rather than clog up the ER. Big mistake. We ended up leaving after an hour with no xray. Went to the hospital yesterday and had another failed experience.
Third time was a charm. After 45 minutes today, I found out that the little turd (pun totally intended) passed the freakin penny. It must have been in that first poop that I missed. So, I've been digging through poop for 7 days for nothing. And I wasted 5 hours of my week waiting for nothing.
I told Steve I deserve an extra big Mother's Day present as compensation for my time and effort and he told me I'd have to discuss that with Matea. How dare he!

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Kristi said...

when Cole swallowed a penny it took 10 days for it to "resurface"