Friday, February 08, 2008

Jumping on the Band Wagon

Let me say that I've always hated Crocs. I thought they were hideous and really didn't buy into their practicality. Then Bella saw some $5 Croc knock offs at Walmart last year and begged for them. We liked them so much, we bought a second pair. She wore them all the time and damn if a year later, those things are still in great shape. Anyway, I started to come around and realize that I could look past their ugliness. I love being able to just hose them down after playing outside or camping and I swear, they're indestructible.

Anyway, several people told me that we really needed to try real Crocs, that the fake ones don't even compare. I found this cute Mary Jane style which in my opinion, is way cuter than the original clog style. Then I thought I would get some. Not really sure why, thought they would be good for yard work (which I don't really do), camping, etc. I let Bella pick the colors, dug up a bunch of discount codes and got a pair for each of us.

Steve keeps making jokes about not getting any and I think that he secretly really is sad. I think Crocs on a man is where I draw the line though.


jona said...

I'm glad you saw the light! I adore my maryjane crocs (dh has matching "man crocs")! My snap popped off and the company sent me a whole bag full of replacements. Nice.

Jennifer said...

Love it! I jumped on the bandwagon too a couple of months ago when my feet were hurting in pregnancy. I got the black mary janes (just like Avery) I love them. :)

lena rushing said...

Filed under: Shoes, Celebrity Style

Love him or hate him, there's one thing we can all agree on when it comes to President Bush: he is not a fashionable man. So, now that the commander-in-chief has been caught wearing Crocs, can we officially declare these sandals as the ugliest pieces of footwear on the planet?

What's odd, is that it's not like Mr. Bush just ran out of the house without thinking about what he was wearing. The hat, shorts, socks and shirts all match -- perfectly. I think they're even the same shades of gray and black. So why, with all that forethought and preparation, would a person ever choose such hideous shoes?

lena rushing said...

We've tried, on a number of occasions, to persuade you that, whatever you do, you should avoid the dreaded Crocs at all cost. They're funny looking. And nobody who sees you wearing them thinks you're "fun" or "funky" -- I promise.

But your fashion concerns may pale in comparison to the threat of physical danger. I've written before that wearing these absurdly-colored monstrosities while on an escalator could have some serious consequences. A number of people (especially children) have suffered foot injuries by wearing the particularly grippy footwear, and there's a few horror stories floating around about mangled (or even missing) toes. Yikes!

lena rushing said...

that was a quote from someone elses blog ( : so is this...i agree w/ all of them! haven't any of you read about the emperor's new clothes? c'mon.
"Filed under: ShoesEven though every sane person on the face of the planet has come to the conclusion that Crocs are an attack on mankind (probably perpetuated by some weird breed of human-hating aliens, hell-bent on making the world unattractive before taking it over), the silly rubber shoes just won't seem to die."