Sunday, May 15, 2011


One of Bella's school assignments this week was to build a diorama based on a scene from a book. This is right up her alley since she usually spends her entire weekend doing some sort of major art project. In fact, a few weeks ago, she made this fairy house...

She did it all on her own. The idea was all hers and Steve and I didn't even know what she was making until she was finished with it. She scavenged through the trash can in my craft room and found other bits and pieces throughout the house.

Do you see the walk-in closet? So creative. And the shoe is the fairy's dog's bed.

So for her school diorama, Bella chose to do the page from Pinkalicious where she wakes up pink. Since all the page includes is a big picture of Pinkalicious, Bella looked through the book and used her imagination to improvise the rest.

We both think she did an awesome job and I'm confident hers will be one of the best. And I'm proud to say she did it all on her own...the one and only thing I helped with was the glitter on Pinkalicious' dress.

Of course, Matea had to do one too but she's much more easily frustrated than Bella and I believe, has lower creative standards.

Yeah, it's supposed to be an ice cream shop but Bella spelled it "ice crime". I earn extra awesome mother points for containing my laughter when I saw it.

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