Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Early Christmas Gift

Last night, after brushing her teeth before bed, Bella said that her mouth was bleeding. I told her it was probably her loose tooth, and sure enough, it was barely hanging on. She got very excited and was ready to pull it out and then reality set in and she freaked out.

After spending some time crying and getting snuggles from Mommy, we decided she should just go to bed and see if it came out on its own tomorrow. Right before bed, Bella told Steve she wanted him to just pull it out. She said he pulled three times and on the fourth pull, the tooth came out.

She was so happy she couldn't sleep! She ended up in bed with me after 10:00 and she was still hyped on adrenaline. She's so excited to go back to school after Christmas break and finally be on the lost tooth chart.

Here's her cute new smile.

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