Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Teaching an Important Life Lesson


Matea's birthday is Friday. I requested the day off but didn't get it. I put up a note almost three weeks ago asking someone to take my shift, explaining that it was Tatey's birthday and I'd like to be home to celebrate with my family that night. No takers. So, as it stands, on Friday, I'll be home with the girls all day, drop them off with Steve at 5:00, go to work, see them briefly the next morning and then go to work again. No family celebration.

So, we're bumping up Matea's birthday to the 23rd this year. She'll never know. I'm pretty sure Bella will know and will definitely question us all day and night about it but I'm thinking I'll throw in a lollipop if she can zip her lips on the secret.

So, if you call to wish Matea a Happy Birthday on Friday and she tells you her birthday was the day before, just pretend like she's right.

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