Thursday, May 28, 2009


I took the girls over to Avila Barn this morning to buy freshly picked blueberries and feed the goats. There were some adorable tiny baby goats and I tried to get Bella to put one in her pocket so we could bring it home but she didn't go for that idea. While at the barn, two things dawned on me.

Number One, I'm irritated that my friend Kristi got my dream camera lens and rubbed her awesome pictures in my face yesterday. I might have to accidentally have one of the children steal it next time we're over at their house (it's almost as big as Matea so that might not work out though). And number two, I won't be able to do this kind of stuff next year because big girl will be in school. I've gotten so used to spontaneously driving down to the zoo in Santa Barbara or heading over to Morro Bay to check out the fabric store and then take the girls sea lion watching. Sure, I can do this stuff with Tatey next year but it won't be the same without Bella's crazy imagination there with us.

She graduates from preschool next week and I got all teary eyed yesterday when she handed me a flier about graduation that her teachers put in her cubby. I don't know why the whole thing makes me so emotional. I think it's just a reminder of how quickly time passes once you have kids. And Steve and I are immensely excited for her to go to kindergarten. We know she's more than well prepared and she's such a social butterfly, she's going to have the time of her life.

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