Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

The whole fam has had a great Christmas. My mom, Devin and Ronnie came over on Christmas Eve and we had delicious carne con chile that Steve made. The girls got enough gifts from my mom for every child in the county and the noticeable theme was Barbie and Princess. We got the best gift ever...a wii, wii fit and guitar hero and have been having a lot of fun playing all of the different games and exercises. We're already planning to head over to Hollywood Video tomorrow to rent some new games.

One of our traditions is that on Christmas Eve, an elf rings the doorbell at night and leaves a package from Santa with new pj's for the girls. This year, the girls heard jingle bells and Bella was convinced it was the bell on the elf's hat, bouncing as he ran away. I was really cute to see how excited she was to be that close to seeing an elf.

Our gift to the girls was a complete bedroom makeover on Christmas Eve. They slept in our room that night and within three hours we painted, rearranged furniture, brought in new furniture, put out new bedding and decor and new shelves. They love their new room and have been spending lots of time in there.

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