Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life with Bella

Bella started going to school 4 mornings a week instead of two. We're doing it on a trial basis for a month to see whether it makes life at home better and so far, it has. I think she's loving the extra interaction and I'm getting enough of a break from her now that I can deal with hearing her whining and arguing without feeling like I'm going to snap. She's been having really good days at home and at school and we kind of feel like we got our old Bella back.
This morning she was talking about "when I'm a baby again" and I told her she'd never be a baby again. When I told her that she would grow up to be a mommy with her own babies some day, her face lit up and she was so excited by the idea. I guess it had never occurred to me that she didn't realize she would grow up and be like her mommy. She told us she's going to have three kids, all girls and all named Baby Matea.
This morning she got dressed for school (after turning down 3 outfits I presented) and we did her hair in cute pig tails and sparkle clips. We were waiting outside the school and I looked down to find her hair down and her handing me the clips and pony tail holders. Apparently when her friend, Lillie walked up, she announced that she had to have her hair down like Lillie's and ripped everything out. I can't believe it's starting this early.

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