Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Three is the new two

The supposed "terrible two's" came and left our house without a bang but we're finding that three really is much more terrible. Here's a transcript of a conversation between myself, Bella, and Steve this morning. Keep in mind, this was less than 30 minutes after she woke up and was just one of the 10-15 exchanges we have like this every day now.
Bella: "I'm hungry for my breakfast."
Me: "I think your oatmeal is still cooling off."
Steve: "Bella, you can eat, it's cooled off now."
Bella: (screaming, crying, stomping feet, and throwing herself against the chair) "I can't eat! I'm hungry! I can't!"
Me: "What's going on? What's the problem?"
Bella: "You said it's still too hot and Papa said it's ok to eat."
Me: "Ok, do whatever you want to do. Eat it or let it cool off more."

Anyone reading this want to come for a visit?

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