Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mmmmmm...rice cereal

Matea had her first taste of rice cereal last week and loved it! We couldn't believe how well she did with the spoon and actually keeping the food in her mouth. She didn't have any issues with her tongue thrust pushing the food back out and immediately had the instinct to open her mouth when the spoon headed her way. She's so advanced (Hmmm, which one of you reading this won't know that was a joke? But seriously, she is). We tried bananas last night and she had her first encounter with a sippy cup today. She's definitely a booby girl and does not like the bottle so it's nice to know now that I can actually leave her side for any length of time and she can survive via cup or spoon. This weekend she went five hours between feedings (usually only goes three) just because she didn't want the bottle.
Just before I typed this we were talking about how we won't ever go through these "firsts" with any more babies (thanks to Steve getting the big "v" a few weeks ago) but I guess that's what grandkids are for.

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Jen Diggity said...

Thanks for the heads up about your guys' blog. I love seeing the girls grow up through your pictures. Hope you all have happy holidays!

Love, Greg & Jen